"Unlock all" option?

So I bought a $19.00 Gold Bundle and I was purchasing a bunch of random floor maps from the shop; however, most of the maps that I purchased, I felt weren’t useful enough to warrent using, so I would have to spend so much tedious time deleting BAGS worth of maps, one by one, because they all spawn pre-locked in the inventory. To me, I think this is unnecessarily inconvenient. Either having the option to unlock all items in the bag or at least have maps spawned unlocked (unless they’re Epic) would be nice.

+1, or have all bought maps from merchant unlocked, and keep cartographer dropped maps locked.

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Or maybe make blue maps unlocked, since they’re most likely the ones you want to delete?

I get a lot of junk Rare maps as well. If there is something among them worth keeping, you can just lock it manually.