Floor 622 and never seen nadrijo necklace,
I only have catalysm and nadroji ring.

Tips Please

Cap your items drops% and luck may help.

Where DO you find the Nadroji items? :frowning: :frowning:

Nadroji drop randomly on floor 100+, and they’re really rare. It may takes you some time to obtain those awesome accessories :smile:

İ think it drops only 100-150 floors everyone dropping at here me too

No, it drops more than just there. I’ve found them scattered at all sorts of floors up into the 800s.

I would like to thank the thinkers that think they thunk the thoughts they theorized.

i had few in a row at about 320-330 levels… so level is not an issue…
u r simply not lucky enough… keep farming

Keep farming! I did farm 40h+ on ice floors (max IQ+Luck) for frozen sets, didn’t even get one piece yet! Patience is the key to success :wink:

got a nadroji necklace on floor 285