Update rendered gameplay unplayable

The set “Blood Magic” is bugged I think and what’s more, I used to hit around 30m-40m with Ricochet and now my damage has been reduced by almost 90%, I’m only hitting around 100k ish now.

Blood Magic is actually working as intended, it’s just Glasscannon that was altered ( seen on your ring ).

The Health Reduction from Glasscannon now happens after Sets and Talents are calculated.

Not sure what would cause your “90%” damage reduction without knowing more about your build.

Then thanks for correcting me, but this is still not normal, you see my DPS and output ratings, also my HP shouldn’t be messed up like this. I have Gold Find (5) and 3 other Glasscannon 50%s, I can screenshot them all if you want

I thought glasscannon was capped at 100%?

It is, but it still multiplies my damage, but past 100%, there’s no more reduction of HP, I’m not sure if the dynamics of this formula has changed with this update.

Your HP is right if you have 100% reduction. Since you can’t have 0, you have 1.

+1… Not sure how you survive with 1HP… a feather could knock you over

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That’s what he means by Glasscannon being calculated later? That’s just stupid then and it should go back to the old way of being determined if it’s going to reduce your overall HP after other modifiers are factored. No mi gusta.

i like the way it is…
glass canon SHOULD be this way… not like the other way around… lel :I

Hence the name… Glass cannon. If you got +dam without trading hps…it would be named steel cannon or something like that.

Loophole closed. Be glad you got to enjoy it while you did.

Also there is mana shield…

+1, I enjoy me some mana shielding and glass cannoning.