Update the drop rate

Im thinking somehow , maybe increase the drop rate of the new sets or remove the ??? Name on it . Maybe its a mystery for others , but its kinda wierd for me to farm for those sets that i didnt know the names . A clear description in the codex should be . C.O.D.E.X means alot for theorycrafting . Devs should consider showing up the fullest of the Codex . Its there where DQ all about .


Since about saturday just gone, I’ve just given up. I must have collected a few thousand legendaries by now and i have nothing to show for it. I started selling legendaries because i was getting too much dust…

I do still play for maybe an hour just because i have that hope in my mind but I’m getting tired :disappointed_relieved:


Like hell yeah , these unknown new sets are ruining the farm , so with the codex. Literally it would be moere fun in arena as they say if these were able to farm . Why cant they just show it up . Instead of hiding it . I just stop wondering those imma get my climing again.

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all i know is this mate . I dunno the others

@darkeons21 the drop rates were much worse in the test patch!

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However they are not visible for a reason maybe ? But some of us here are being so hopeless to see those :pensive:

Looks like an almost identical version of demonic set. Would pair up good with the spell sword set.

Edit: I just remembered that the numbers shown are for rank 1; at rank 5 it would mean +500% global DMG increase. This set is IMBA lmao.

Nope . It is fixed 100% still on rank5