Still waiting for the update .
New afix/set
New class
New map
New item/pet/monster
New paid and free vanity
New reward/ascention
Realtime battle :slight_smile:
New faces :yum:


I can’t wait for this updates i am so excited hahahha

Oryt!! :heart_eyes:

Don’t we all? :sweat_smile:

We def have some cool gameplay/system changes coming in 2.6 but it will not be as huge as that list.

Steiger is an extraordinary man…but he is still one man :smile:


Yup. :smile: .

All elements back again .
New arena style
Ai improving
New faces of all characters
New standing style of characters
New dq frame/skins
New look for menu

I think this is cool thing. :smile:

one man army

i hope the small updates have big changes on us. Hahahaha. Please add some new mythstones, pets, ultra very rare rare rare crystal with weapon damage, monsters, legend item, mythic map ( HAHAHAHA) and some new items. :joy:


waiting for new update too

Am waiting and testing the update to make sure it’s suitable for public release. I can’t wait for it to be good enough for public release. HypEEE!!! Perks of being DQ tester for sure.

Wow you got many of the stuff right. Sadly Realtime Battle will never happen in DQ because it is an Offline game. I hope new monsters do come. XD

@SteigerBox is working HARD on the next patch. He hasn’t even touched his Zelda Breath of the Wild (since release) just to get work done. I hope he gets a small break after this patch. XD


When will be the next DQ Update ?

No idea but good luck. It’s gonna be AWESOME!

Is that rumored dragon pet real?
I heared of that long ago.

Isee …realtime battle wil never happen.
But i highly suggest to put some practice match that we can battle our own character . to see whats really happening in arena .and to setup our ai setting to the best/beast. For example my warrior vs my wizard. Lots of player will purchase 2nd/3rd slot .i hope it will happen.

dragon ball