When’s the next update? XD im waiting for dragon pet lmao :joy:


Yeah update time takes too long

im waiting too . . .

I just want they fixing shadows button issue. :cry:

I want better performance optimization next update if it’s at all possible and maybe with the shadows as well if need be. Let’s reduce even more zombies xD.

Zombies be caused by lower storage speed or fluctuations of it and packsize kills do tax the storage speed. Also can be caused by lag from CPU and/or GPU at the same time as the low storage speed issue so a good balance between all 3 will help.

That zombie fix may come someday. The day when DQ zombies don’t appear on a hard drive is the day when zombies in general stop existing in dq and freedom for packsize. Obviously the faster the CPU and GPU, the less trouble you’ll have against huge mobs of packsize and the storage speed too. Even at 2.4ghz speed which is practically S7 speed, it will slow down if you approach too many mobs but not too badly. Heck even at 2.8ghz Overclock for the S7s , maybe slowdowns can still exist but less likely.

Obviously I’m excited for other features too and sometimes it’s better to have more features that are good than a performance optimization . That could be the big update of 6 months from now or longer.

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Was there any hints on what is being added/changed in the next patch?

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Yeah pack size is a drag xD

Yeah. If you want to max packsize , well you will lag. You have to get a sweet spot for the best experience of farming too.

I mean I fixed the zombie issue but it does still suck that zombies come and the lag sometimes.

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We will not remove zombies, because zombies is part of this game since DQ first launch. -DQ Dev-

We will have an update patch out before the end of the month.

We will address a bug with stat point allocation (some player’s stat points are missing after level up) and we will fix the shadow issue as well (if you can tell me what device you are seeing this issue on that would be very helpful).

Steigerbox and I both had a ton of non-work related stuff we had to deal with, so sorry this has taken us so long.

Thanks for the reminder :wink:


Add some new item with set bonus please :blush: :grin:


And the dragon pet? :cry: huhuhuh