Hey first off I just want to say I love the game. I was one who put over 3000 hours into Diablo 3 so I really like games where you have to grind to get better items which is what this game definitely gives you. So I like what you have changed from the past couple of years, but I was wondering what you have planned for future updates. More vanities, weapons, bosses, maybe new elements? Or perhaps implementing guilds and having a raiding option, or just having a world boss where a few players can get together and try to take down a huge enemy for higher rewards than in the regular dungeons. i would really like to hear what you plan to have in the game.


waiting this thing to happen

When we made DQ it was an offline game. We continued to add to the game over the years as we could afford to. We here at ShinyBox are big fans of ARPG games and we really feel that co-op fighting in ARPS is fun and we want to support that.

The problem with adding it to DQ is that the game was never designed to have these types of features because at the time we just did not have the resources to recreate the game’s code to fully support co-op multiplayer.

We are still supporting Dungeon Quest with updates and at the same time are working on another game that will feature as much multiplayer content as we can make.

It is simply faster and way more affordable for us to make a new game than to go back and recreate all of the systems in DQ to support it.

Starting with multiplayer as a key system allows us to make sure we can support a ton of great features that we just were not able to add to DQ due to resource restraints.

Hope this answers your question, and thanks for playing DQ!

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Ah okay I understand I’ve seen other game developers do the same thing in the past, they had an offline game that people wanted multiplayer in, but they couldn’t so they made a whole new game. The problem was it wasn’t anything like the previous offline game, so it didn’t get as much attention as it deserved. So in saying that, will this other game your team is working on be similar to Dungeon Quest or will it have it’s own style?

similar for sure. action rpg

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