Is it possible to always find an better weapon then currently equipped, is there always going to be something better and stronger?

Yup! Several ways. Just by finding the time or using the crystals and mythstones you find along the way to modify the weapons

Until you get the best gear possible (maxxed affixes etc)

is there anyway to lvlup equips? i want to lvl100 my low lvl stashed fortuna ring with item drop, those lvup crystals are hard to find :3

Just the crystals. They should be easier to get now with feats and if you just farm a bit it shouldn’t take too long to get a few. Also, they don’t add only 1 lvl at a time, it’s a random increase between its current lvl and the max lvl you can currently use I’m pretty sure, so there’s always the chance that it only takes 1. :smile: