Uploading character

nid help here. I dont know why i cant upload my character. i already deleted my other character in my dq account but still cant upload. hep help. thank youuuu

Hey! Please contact the support. I am sure, they will help you: support@shinyboxgames.com

thanks sir

i cant pm or contact the mail you gave. it say no_user_selected, topic cant be blank

It’s works fine for me. Make sure, that you have added a reference in your mail.

what reference? sorry newbie here

Hey! Just write a normal email to the email address above.

is it mail here in forum or mail like yahoo or gmail. sorry

It’s a mail like Yahoo or Gmail.

ow thanks sir. i did it already. i thought it was the mail here in the forum cause i cant pm the mail you gave. thank you so much sir! sorry for all the questions

No problem. You are welcome. :smile:

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