Ureal hood

Can i put set affix and mythic on unreal hood?

Yes you can.

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Unreal hood is one of those legend items with 4 mythstone slots. You can get a free resource mythic or head mythic then remove mythical set affix for some other set affix you want such as inferno, plagued,vampiric touch,aetheral drain, cosmic power, etc etc.
To answer your question, yes you can put a mythic such as energy then a set affix like inferno for eg.

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Can i make it blood magic? by the way, a lot of people couldn’t answer my question. What kind of bonus does the blood magic set give and about the mythic blood magic, would it make any difference to my damage if i had more than 1 mythic blood magic?

First of all two don’t stack and what I don’t yet know is if mythic blood magic is far btter than set blood magic. I think mythic because it doesn’t take up set slot rven if it’s weaker than set affix, you can have a free set slot for something precious like mayhem maybe or some other set affix u have in mind for your build. My advice is never use resource mythics on head and put head mythics on head. It is a really powerful combo for head mythic + resource mythic because they stack. For eg, a really good combo, energy+harmony,fury+desperation,harmony+equivalence and othe crazy combos for said end game build.

Sorry i’m a noob and i didnt udnerstand at all lool! what is resource mythic and head mythics? i have only been playing for 1 month i think

have you got facebook or something? if you dont mind, can you add my facebook? i actually have a lot of questions

Have you looked at the Codex, sir? It’s all listed there, read it first, you might learn something.

I tried looking for the set version of the blood magic, its not there. maybe i missed it. tell me if you find it

I found in the codex. Mythic (purple, the mythstone version) DMG i measured by missing hp divided by 1.25%.

Mythic( Green, i think its the set version) DMG is measured by 80% missing hp. My question is, what kind of bonus the blood magic set gives, but that obviously doesn’t states in the codex, that is why i am asking people here on the fourms, maybe someone here had a blood magic set in the past and might know something. I’m just trying to not risk losing money.

Look at the word sets when you read dictionary part of codex then look carefully. Also head mythic and that are found in the mythics section which should be easy to understand. I got every mythic recipe (some I looked from wiki, others I unlocked from converting too many mythstones).

Okay :slight_smile: thank you!

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Okay, i worked out the DMG for the mythic blood magic. It saysDMG increased by hp missing divided by 1.25. I have exactly 77,000 hp,i divide by 100 and x 80, Which is 80% of my hp, so my hp at 80% is 61,600 hp. I take 61,600 away from 77,000 HP then divided by 1.25. My DMG is 12,320. This is correct right? just clarifying.