Urgent crafting advice required

My characters are a Wizard and Rouge. Both use a main hand apocalypse weapon to summon furies as an offensive meatshield .During PVE I can summon 12 furies in 2 character levelling. My Rogues skills are multi shot, guided shot, smoke bomb and vault. My wizard uses skullshield, skuldraga, twister and blast. I’ve only been playing 3 months and have crafted some items which I want some feedback on so I know where im going.

As a noob I don’t know how to take screen shots from my tablet so I will describe each characters items forthwith


Head. . Crystal hat (spirit master. 1471 hp regen. 200% reflect damage. 10 twister. 10 meteor. empty socket for elixirs 5 to talents)

Off hand. Nova skull(Crushing flames. 5 all skills. 485 hp on hit. 10 skullshield. 24.1% torrent proc.)

Main hand. Apocalypse gauntlet(Sadism. 23.8% deadly strike.5 all skills. 242% damage reflect. 20.8 storm proc.

Armour. Frostbite regalia (Aftermath. 22.2% meteor proc. 10 skull shield. 10 meteor. Emply socket for elixir.)

Amulet and rings will be nadrobi items socketed with elixir

Havent a clue for a pet


Head. Eternal spirit hood(spirit master. 17.2% summon fury proc. 77.9% summon dmg. 12690 HP. 39.1% poison damage. empty socket for elixir)

Apocalypse bow(23.3% twister and 20.8% metero proc. 8.1% crushing blow. 4629 weapon damage. empty socket for elixir)

Event horizon( After math. 347 mp on hit. 1.6 AoE Range. 73.9% frostbiting. 66.3% weapon damage. Empty socket etc)

Armour. denial of luck ( Identity. 8 multishot. 7 strength. 19.2% earthshatter proc. 35.9% resource cost. empty socket.)

RINGS AND AMULET will be Nabroji socketed with elixirs

What floor u at ? Why ur Wiz use reflect damage if u dont have Electric Set, it’s a waste :smile:
Crushing Flame Set on skull is useless without Crushing Blow…

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I’ve changed my shield to a frozen earth with all skill and talent bonuses. It’s got reflect damage. I’m still crafting it.

Ahhh thanks

If your phone doesnt have its own screen shot button then you should seek ur phones manual ( assuming u have todays millenial phones/phone). If u still cant find about ur phone’s screenshot button through user’s manual, u can always download an app from ur phone’s app store. Some requires root while others dont. In my case i cant find my phones screenshot thing too. So what i did is dl an app and install it to my phone. Im using screenshot easy app from playstore.

Almost every device ive ever handled used simultaneous presses of the home + power button.


Yep. Almost every smartphone ever. Sometimes it’s something like a combination of volume + home or something along the lines but it generally used hardware buttons.

Sometimes you even have game tools as an easy screenshot method as an app on Samsung, AZ Screen Recorder screenshot function , motion sensor on phone can detect a specific hand movement and take a screenshot in some phones like certain Samsung’s, etc.