Using the Effective Ring

As this makes “All attacks in any element will always be effective,” Is there any benefit to adjusting elements to the enemy (ex, using fire when fighting ice) or can I set on one element and basically forget it? Or is it that while the attack will be effective, using the correct element will be even more effective?

If one element will work against all, set and forget, is one element better to be used? I personally like fire, but I saw somewhere the other day, someone saying poison is a better element as it affects the entire area.

What are drawbacks to this?

I have both my main, a Wizard, and my hirelings, sometimes a Warrior, sometimes my Rogue, equipped with them. It has been working really well, especially in areas where you might have enemies with opposing elements, or monsters that are resistant to almost everything.

Effective’s bugged, or that’s what we were led to believe…

Instead of fixing it, dq chose to change the description to change the element to the enemy’s “usual weakness”, meaning there will be times on challenge maps when you’re screwed.

e.g. a Slime, which is “usually” weak to shock, will gain resilience to shock if they happened to gain “(Greatly) Resists Shock” on challenge maps somehow. Worse, element immunity…

I’ve been farming, doing challenge maps down on floors 130-150, and I have been watching, especially with monsters that have immunity to fire, and everything so far has been effective. It is working as advertised.

If it works for you then there’s nothing else to check, so far it was the problem with Effective ring since 1.8.