V2.1 on Apple TV (tvOS)?

Is there any ETA for v2.1 on tvOS? Currently I play on my iPhone with v2.1, but I’d like to switch to my ATV in the evening for playing on my couch (with my steelseries nimbus controller). But the tvOS version is still 2.0, so there are some significant differences in gameplay. And I’m afraid to corrupt my savegame when I constantly sync and play it between two game versions.

I’ve been wondering the same thing – same setup, AppleTV with Nimbus.


We also LOVED the performance of DQ on the Apple TV.

Right now we cannot release a new update for the Apple TV version. There are several new hardware/software requirements on the Apple TV side that we cannot fulfil on our end.

We did our best (levering our previous experience on the Nintendo Wii) to get the Siri Remote to function with Dungeon Quest on the new Apple TV.

Our first submission did get approved by Apple and relased, however the other several patches we have submitted have not been approved.

Our game has several different menu’s and game play functions that we simply cannot emulate on the Siri Remote (following the hardware guidelines/requirements) and because of those requirements we cannot get a patch update approved.

I would like to have better news for the Apple TV version. If we are lucky some of those requirements may change!