Vanish and stealth

is it possible to use vanish mythic on offhand + stealth proc from rubies??
Can you use these two at the same time??
Anyone can clarify this to me? thank you very much.

Maybe , vanish is a mythical proc that hides you in stealth for a few secs. And stealth proc is a offhand skill , so if the chances are good you can proc vanish before stealth or vise versa .

No thats not what im meant.
I have a mythical proc vanish then i will put stealth proc, i will put on shatter on my offhand skill so i decide to ask if vanish proc and stealth proc is possible.

This is what i want to try:

Vanish 10% proc
Stealth proc 10% proc
all proc 20%

The answer is yes. Basically you will have a 10% chance to cast Stealth and Blind with Vanish and a 30% chance to cast Stealth with Stealth Proc. If both take place at the same time, you will have the Blind and Stealth effect.

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Alright ill try this now.
Trying some undead pve build with this one.

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Lets make a correction. Vanish is a proc (Codex-Mythics), so you will have a 30% chance to cast Stealth and Blind with Vanish.

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