Vanity help

How can i get the rogue ninja swords

it was a price back then at season 1 :smile:

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Thanks eater now iam gonna cry

lets patiently wait for the comeback of those vanity :smile:

Do not fear old vanitites for eternal league rewards will rotate back in! :smile:


@Griffin012 hope der would be new aura vanity :smile:

Dunno about auras, but there will be a new set of back vanities for season 3.


wow season3 is coming :slight_smile:

Cough season 3 back vanity as usual a failed cere vortex nerf mythic bug fixes pvp bug fixes nothing great :unamused:

Excited for season 3!!!

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Im guess that back vanities would be, Summoner’s Back, Berserker’s Back and Pistoler’s Back.