Vanity Problem

I bought Vanities(Costed for only In-game gold)

Played this game first on Smartphone (Blackberry Z10 via Appstore) Well, Theres a DQ Account there and saved it Upload it on DQ(Dungeon Quest) So i can play on my another device (Asus Transformer Tf300t “Android”) So then i downloaded my Character(Account) on my Tablet, But the problem my vanities has been lost, andi need to pay 'em again for 150k In-game Gold, How can i get 'em back? Hoping that you can help me recover 'em. Thanks alot!

SecretService (Warrior) :sunglasses:

Try uploading data from your phone to the server and then re-download on your tablet.

This is currently a bug. Email and I will take care of it for you

I would, Thanks!