Vanity selfies go!


Too lazy to farm auras. Leeeeel


I didn’t even try XD. You need 1000s of games to get demonic aura lol.


Gawd I’m dreamy in the morning. Do i win?







LOL, what gold saint are you?


Fashion quest!


The last one is pretty badass.


True dat. It was my intention.


i’ll end up getting these fashions, they look so nice lol… waiting for the demonic aura =/


XD. Demonic aura is really cool.


I noticed only few players with a demonic aura, it must be very hard.


We need to reach level 35 for that demonic aura. No wonder only few got the aura since its hard to win in arena and having a poor internet connection is another factor.


It used to be very easy though at one point or at least much easier. However now that eternal league more tougher than ever before and winning, not really. Also it certainly is a huge grind to get demonic aura. You need a few thousand wins to get there . Wins is the important part.

I’m sure it’s also possible that some already have demonic aura but don’t use it which is fine since not everyone needs or uses demonic aura for perfectly good reasons.

@PaNgaHazZz , yep the internet connection is a huge factor. Fortunately I had decent internet to not come across the issue much but I had bad internet when I first tested arena when it came out. It would be great if I could somehow make everyone get good internet and have 1ms ping on every game let alone loading.


Indeed. I’m using mobile data when playing arena and just use wifi for other purposes. I still don’t get it, why was my mobile data is faster than my wifi when it comes to arena. :sweat:


Mobile data is always faster than standard WiFi for most people who don’t have the best or nicest of internet. Test your mobile data using internet speed test!

I mean unless you get a really good router which can often surpass mobile data but not everyone gets a good or even really good router. I got decent but my Mobile data is 7mbps to 13mbps maxed but my WiFi is only 1 or 2mbos (which isn’t that good but it’s enough for arena and basic online gaming). I know there’s way better internet speeds from routers that even average person gets but not in every country ofc.


It takes long indeed, im at 20% right now… level 31


hahahaha, it’s a long trip


Yes it is… :hugging:
Finally got it about a week ago… and hit the 36th level yesterday… :sleepy:

I hear everyone gets a new car when someone hits level 40…