Veil at 40 Question

I thought when you have Veil 40, you are 100% on stealth all the time? I tested it but it seems after being on stealth mode for 4 seconds it took like 2 seconds to recast stealth. Do i need to pair it with reduced CD affix?

from patch notes:

Veil no longer increases Stealth duration, but increases damage dealt when Stealthed. ( 2.5% per rank, 100% Max )

awww… ok thanks for the info sir.

Actually from the 2.1 patch notes (it’s OK you if you missed it ilidan there’s a ton of stuff in there) “Stealth now lasts 1 second. Can be improved by 400% from Hero Skill” so yeah just combine it with cool down reduction/deadly arts

i did not miss it. i told him that veil has nothing to do with stealth duration anymore and"hinted" that he needs to read the patch notes.

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Aaaah yes I see now sorry for correcting you ilidan :smile: I wrongly assumed veil was the name of the heroic skill for stealth but I just went and checked the names of stuff on my rogue and you are completely correct :smile:

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so 100% on stealth all the time can be achieve if you combine veil 40+reduce CD affix?

Stealth 40 actually sorry for the confusion :smile: and it may be possible with out the reduce cool down but you may need reduce cool down haven’t tested it yet

stealth 40 lasts for 5 secs. CD is 10 secs. do the math

what if with 50% reduced cd? will the 10 sec CD become 5 sec?

yes. getting just the 45% crystal affix will actually work, but get at least 50% if you really want stealth on all the time.
sorry, btw. i was being an ass because of non-answer answers.

no worries. thanks.

Veil 40 gives 100% damage.
Stealth 40 stealth duration is 5secs
With 55% CD reduction (crystal affix + 20 Dexterity) stealth cooldown will be 4secs

correct me if im wrong, to get stealth 40 i need: stealth at 20, +10 all assassin +5 stealth, + stealth affixes? Im not sure on the +10 all assassin if it adds stealth. Need to confirm before getting these affixes. I want to be IMMORTAL!!! :smiley::smiley:

+10 All assasin will increase Veil which increases damage while stealth. It does not increase stealth duration.

So to achieve your plan you need these:
20 Heroic points in Stealth
20 Heroic points in Dexterity
45% CD reduction Crystal Afiix
2x +5 all skills (main hand and offhand)
2x +5 Stealth

thanks alot @f00kee! time to plan on completing my build.

you need 2 elixir in weapon and 2 stealth +5 epic affix. assassin counts on talents only. stealth is not a talent