Very low level PvP build


@Golem have you found an eternal pet yet?


no. I am not too far from getting one from the Floor 400 Enslaver Feat, but I took a break from the high floors to Ascend a Character slot. I’m thinking of Ascending all of my other slots. I am getting a lot of Crystals from converting Eternal and Crystal Legends, so when I am done Ascending all the Toons, I’ll have a lot of Crystals to use in Crafting. plus I am getting lots of valuable info for making a Farming Team when I am done. that +100 Item Drop Rate with a Hireling is so cool for farming!!! the only thing that sucks is not getting high tier Myth Stones since I am farming experience on floor 110. I am going to tweak my Hireling Ascending Build a little, and when I am happy with it, going to share. it is kind of an underwhelming build, but it gets experience and was kind of cheap. it is mostly Myth Stones and a few Mythic affixes and a pet I can’t use until level 50.


All the ascentions… wow your a farming maniac lol


I’ve dropped low eternals on floor 2 and gambled into obsidian etc. Your going to be a very successful farmer :slight_smile:


not really, farming is for getting the loot to climb floors and fight in the Arena. but my current Quest is having 6 Toons Showing the Eternal Green Frames around their smiling faces. and getting lots of Crystals while I am doing it! :smirk_cat: