Video of my PvP build

Hi guys wanted to share my build with you and to see what I can do to make it better :slight_smile:

Got my binoculars on and I still can’t see no video. I seek it here… I seek there… where oh where is it lol ?


I’ve fought you @Nightbladejay :slight_smile: Always remember a good match


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Glad it was a good match been busy with work but will be updating my PvP build soon need farm for a bit first

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Fought twice. 1 victory each.

@dickwad this is my loot after 2 hours of arene battles, and you?
I can tell you secret if you whant to!:wink:


I like secrets do tell :slight_smile:

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Well, there is this thing that people call stat’s

This thing means nothing, just tell how mutch win’s and loses you have, i say F stats and let me farm on arene, i go down on league, i auto lose, sometimes i go to mythic div2 and i go all the way up to eternal div1, them i make this all over again for eternal chest’s😍, legit, the screenshot of chest waz made in 2 hours, i dont care about ranking, i dont care about n°1, just whant eternal chest’s, and this is how you make perfect eternal trophy (stats) dream come true, still dont have one😭, and other good stuff like eternal gladiator itens!


This one is the best that i got so far

:sob::sob::sob:, i whant a perfect one!!!