Video of playing Dungeon Quest

Hello, i decided to make a video that shows how the game behaves on my phone (Lag, time to load a floor and also my gameplay)

In advance, sorry for the bad quality filming. …

ps : there is a surprise at the end of the video^^

Hey congrats on the Legendary item :smiley:

That does seem pretty slow, only mostly playable. Which phone are you using?

About lagging, there should be done something with that. I have a problem too. Not as much, as you, but whenever I see a creature for a first time per floor here comes great lag.

Will take a look, with the possibility of having dozens and dozens of creatures on screen, its hard to eliminate all lag, but we’ve been continually trying to make it better.

Yes, it’s playable but irritating after a while

I use a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and coincidentally when i turned the video, the game wasnt so much laggy than usual

ps : I forgot to say that i have discovered a bug where you leech MP without hitting any monsters, but i tried to repeat this without success. I remember it was when switching with an other main hand weapon.

Well we have a version out on the google play market place that is designed for lower resolution devices. This might fix your issue but to make the change it would effect the entire range of your device model.

Can you tell me the device model information from your settings screen?

Thank you for the video!!

112,4 x 59,9 x 11,5 mm (3,5 inch)

android version : 2.3.3

Im not sure to have understand what you wanted

Thanks for the info! If you are running 2.3.3 you can get your specific phone model in your system information screen. Since companies that release create and release the devices in various countries they typically change the phone specs per territory.

If I know what specific phone version you have I can see if I can find that model of device and tell Google Play to target a different version of our game for that device model.

Hit Your Apps Button
Go To Settings
Hit About Phone or About Device
Look for Model number

Thank you for the info!

This ? GT-S5830

Thank you very much!

Nice Video! Good Char :smile: !!

For me, DQ is gettin a little bit boring… im on Flor 200/201.
I hope i can play my Char with the next Patch on other devices…btw. on my Xperia Z Tablet :laughing:

SteigerBox is hard at work on the code for the save game upload system…it will be AWESOME :smiley:

That sounds very good!
I think it’s great that you’re working so hard to DQ!

Keep it up guys!

So, what about the other version for less lag ?