Viewing form/Andriod

Seems the way the forum works/is displayed on my phone has changed (for me atleast).
The format is somehow different:

Usually the Topic is not so “long” from top to button - but flattened out and easier to read.

When I make a post - on pc or phone - I have an ‘upload’ funtion in blue letters - next to where it now says ‘show preview’ in blue writing (for me).
I like the upload function - especially on my phone - but cant access it at the moment.

I have a feeling that its hidden under the ‘reply-button’ cause there is some text underneeth it that changes to ‘uploading’, if I pick the upload function from the top bar of the post

At the same time - it seems - if I try to write a post on my phone - it cuts ‘view-able’ part of the message off at the top (will try to post a screenshot)
What I would like to see/full part of the post:

Its as if the part of the forum I marked in the red box, is blocking my view of the part of the box I’m typing my post in- and I can’t scroll up further. Much like how i think the reply-button is blocking my upload function in blue letters.

All in all it makes it a lot harder to use the forum than it used to be for me. Its probably something about my viewing-settings, and it might be something I did myself somehow - but would love for it to change back - if anyone could help, it’d be much appreaciated:)

Pweeeeeees!:slight_smile: (and marry X-mas)


Here is what my android reply screen looks like:

I am using chrome browser.

Try this:
Attempt to reply to a post
When the keyboard appears on screen press the button that hides the keyboard (my android back button points downward and when I press that the keyboard is hidden)

This will give you a full screen view and you can see if any text or options are being hidden.

It somewhat fixed itself, in the sense that the forum on my phone usually looks like this:

Now it’s only if I reply to a post it gets this elongated look:

The issue about the top bar blocking the view of the upper part of my post is gone - no matter if the keyboard is visible or not :slight_smile::

The issue about the phone not displaying the whole page and the “invisible” upload link persists.
If I upload an image it looks like this:

If I try to cancel a post on my phone it looks like this:

and I am unable to scroll far enough to the left to confirm that I wanna cancel the post.
The first picture sort of confirms my suspicion that the ‘blue’ upload link is hidden beneath my reply button and both things makes me think it’s a problem about properly displaying the forum page.

It almost seems like the browser thinks that the resolution on the phone is larger than what it is displaying.

This might sound dumb/basic but have you tried pinch zooming out to see if you get any more screen space?

Tried deleting all settings/cookies to the forum.
It did the trick:)

Thx a lot for your help:)

ah! The simplest solution is always the best :slight_smile:
You are welcome, I should have thought of that at first, will keep it in mind if anyone else has the issue.

Thanks for playing and being part of the DQ Community!

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