Virtual stick sticks

Pretty much what the subject says, I’ll be running around having fun and then suddenly the virtual joystick gets stuck in the run position and won’t stop. It happened very rarely on 1.6.x but ever since the 1.7 release it’s become a real problem and occurs very frequently. I seem to be able to get it unstuck by tapping in the middle of the vstick but it’s doesn’t always work right away. I was hoping it would get fixed with the recent update but I just tried and the problem still exists. If it helps, I play on a Verizon Ellipsis 7 with android 4.2.2. Not exactly the best tab out there but also not junk.

No it isn’t junk by any means BUT we continue to add new features which increase the size of ram required for the game to run In while it is played. I am doing another patch tomorrow and I will try my best to cull as many bloated assets as possible.

try changing your settings to low fx it kept happening to me pre 1.7 and this makes it happen less often