Vortex bonus arena bug

Vortex bonus can be activated in arena with out the use of epiphany the cap for resource cost reduction in arena is 24% but the requirement is 25% I atleast assume This is a bug because the wording on the epiphany bonus is the exact same and it can only be activated when you actually have the 70%+ attack speed not when you just have it on gear

or, it’s the epiphany bonus that’s bugged.

I don’t think so since it really wouldn’t make much sense the whole point of the epiphany set it too get above the inherent cap such as reaching 70% attack speed which coincidentally with all 4 pieces of epiphany gear equipped is just enough ranks of epiphany too do so and vortex is very specifically 25% just over the arena cap which would make sense if they want too make it difficult too use so from a design of the sets perspective it would seem much more like the vortex set is bugged then the epiphany set is bugged since the lack of activation on epiphany’s bonus makes thematic sence where as the presence of vortex bonuses activation makes a lack of sense (from a strictly looking at the numbers standpoint)

true. except that epiphany bonus has been confirmed bugged. you can’t get it unless you have a pet with attack speed affix. even if all your other gear already meets the required 70% attack speed.

Attack speed not working with Epiphany

Oh yeah I know don’t worry :smile: however that isn’t an epiphany bonus bug that’s an epiphany bug it’s simply that epiphany itself doesn’t let you get above 63% attack speed it isn’t unique too when you have the bonus equipped and the bonus does function when you equip the pet and it gets around whatever weird bug with epiphany there is that causes it :smiley:


See :smile:

actually epiphany bonus does work without epiphany set. you just need the pet. the problem is epiphany bonus doesn’t count all the attack speed bonuses on gear. therefore it’s the epiphany bonus that’s bugged.

Hmmmm interesting they both appear too be bugged then (epiphany’s attack speed bonus and the epiphany set bonus)(the jury’s still out on the vortex we’ll have too see what one of the devs ends up saying on that 1)

btw, have you checked if the 7ds increase on % affixes trigger the epiphany bonus or vortex bonus? i haven’t tried but it could be a cool interaction if it does work.

I’ve been thinking of testing that actually and may in the next couple days I am cursed when it comes too 7D items and have gotten like 50 of the horn(and when I say 50 I mean 50) and the sword once(lmao) so I can’t test it yet

i think u misunderstanding few things like what Epiphany set do and what the bonus do.

here some few things that can clear u mind. First of all Epiphany Set used to increase the CAP VALUE thats all it do so if u want add more attack speed, crit chance, crit damage, deadly strike, crushing blow etc etc just to increase the chance for the XXX effect to happen, this is what u need.

For bonus affix like vortex or epiphany bonus they only need XXX amount value on gear. basicallly lets say u dont have epiphany set affx equipped. your attack speed cap is obviously just 60%, but if u have 70%+ attack speed on GEAR, the bonus still will active, same goes to vortex, even if in arena the reduce resources cost cap is 24%, if u have more than that on your GEAR it still will active, just to let u know it will work but ofcoz for mechanism count for other factors will only use the amount it allow like if u have 25% reduce resources cost in arena only 24% will count for your cost reduction 1% will go to waste but still it can’t denying that u already reach the amount ON GEAR for the bonus to active.

it’s just like rogue set affix, Bucanneer. only 650% gold find from gear will use for gold looting, but if u have more on gear it still will boost the scattershot damage as it write ON GEAR. If in the description write ON GEAR then it have nothing to do with cap.

No I did totally understand all of what ur saying before you posted chronos however there are multiple examples where from a game designers perspective it makes way more sense for these 2 affixes too only function when you actually reach that stat and this is why I assume it is a bug :smile: hope that clears up why I posted for you

It just to confuse the player i guess. Haha about vortex bonus, I don’t see it as a bug. So do to Epiphany bonus, the only bug is here is Epiphany set not/can’t read/count attack speed on gear properly.

Yeah if these where not a newly introduced type of affix I would completely agree with you on it not being a bug as it sits right now I’m 50/50 and it may turn out my instincts are wrong :smile: (if they are though that would end up being ridiculously overpowered in arena not fire plus bleed op but still way too powerful) and yup the only guaranteed bug is epiphany’s lack of proper attack speed bonus :grin: