Waiting for DQ2

Still hoping and can’t wait for DQ2


Saaaame… I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years​:sob::sob:

Anyone have any updates? Or timelines or anything ?

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this is the most recent post by the Dev’s on the subject. there are a few other threads where the Dev’s have posted on this subject.

I think right now there is a lot of testing going on with DQ2, and while that is happening, they are working on the next update for DQ.


If you say DQ2 is it just a new update? new season ? or new acc and we’re gonna restart everything again from lvl 1 … coz ive been thinking DQ2 will be a new shiny box game .

no, DQ2 is supposed to be a different game from DQ. from what little I know, I think DQ2 might have the feel of DQ, but in a multi-player format. it has been mentioned by the Dev’s that working on DQ2 is why there hasn’t been much done recently concerning DQ. recently, they have said that they are at a point in the development of DQ2 that they can spend some time on DQ. there was a thread started where players could give comments or ideas for the next Patch for DQ. not to mention, there is testing going on for both.