War toss build

Theres no new war toss build for 3.0?

Make ur own :smile: so there will be one

Maybe take some notes here and surprise us all! Hehe Good luck!

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Haha yea. Going to try. But still im a bit confuse on mythics to use. Like if its energy desperation or wat. I still dnt understand how can u use skill without worrying abt mana.

If u want to spam toss use fury or energy :wink:

ballista and living force


Tried to make 1. Lol not rly good tho. Ballista and living force? Momentum adventurer? Idk wats the other two.

Idk how to survive floor 1000+ on war. Its very killable with magc enemies.

Dodge+ block , try not to get hit. Try to figure everything out after we told you.

Read carefully between the set affix lines , codex , everything. If you don’t know what it means , ask us or search a definition of x (for eg Debuff) on Google.

Reading carefully and taking time will seriously help you decide whether it’s worth it
As for calculating, that’s a different matter altogether. DPS formula looks hard but it’s actually fairly simple.

You can look at guide on how to calculate DPS formula or test it in calculator . As for thing like Glasscannon, use that as multiplier after the DPS formula ( increase damage +50% means ×1.5 multiplier of the damage) . MH% or OH% means multiplying the base damage by ×%.
Resist formula and AR formula is fairly easy but looks tricky. You can text in calculator.
If you have 200% MH, that means the base damage × (1+200%) per day or ×3 .

Obviously if you’re not sure, ask us and find answers to your question. Whenever you want a build, codex or formula. Now that codex is more correct than before, codex.