Warrior class questions

Hi everyone,

Im new to the forum and i stumbled upon dungeon quest last week, im reallyenjoying it so far! I have a lvl 46 warrior at around 55k dps and it is going quite well.

I do however have some questions about the class.
I have been reading through the forum and saw someone mentioning that there are three builds for warrior(berserker, defender, champion) each with its own talents. Could someone tell me which talents come with the different builds?
Also, what weaponry and affixes do these different classes focus on or work best with?
Atm im using an axe with shield and i find myself using the shield skills very little, i also finally found a legendary amulet which takes my mp to 0 and lets me use my hp as mp, combined with 2% hp leech this works very well.

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For a quick breakdown you can visit dq.shinyboxgames.com and check out the class section! Also search the forum for posts by M@ssy he posts some awesome warrior tips

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