Warrior farm duo M3 500

A bit of everything in this build, from using hireling for farming affixes to using dodge, block and epiphany for 93.875% chance to not be hit. Then theres the 23 pickup radius for collecting drops.
So the build; mainly youll be playing with scalp from OH, i chose knights charge for the MH special for the movement speed (although i think i capped on this)

#ps i had the wrong talent on the ring here, my mistake!
Most people lile the pretty and BIG numbers so lets start there…
DAMAGE- scalp is the main source because bleed and fire dot is fast. So we have speed now we need damage, you’ll notice ‘crush’ talent on some pieces, this means that 200% of the block i have is applied as a multiplier to my shield damage (im unsure if this is before cap or after, lets assume after) so 75% block*2 = 150% damage increase. Zealotry gives +25% damage, inferno +50% damage and +50% dot speed, living force doubles scalp damage on return and makes it last longer so you can kill them after they spawn without even being there… pathfinder +62.5% of dodge as damage so ~46% increase, haunting bonus doubles damage, weaken (i forget the specifics but is STRONG AF), 280% bleed damage from skills & gear, 200% increase from skill, momentum +50% of bonus MS totaling +37.5%, fire damage +100%, and shield at lvl 100, IQ+25 is ~2500-4000
Head count! 2.5 * 1.25 * 1.5 * 2 * 1.46 * 2 * 3 * 1.37 * 2= ~22’500% increase so damage is ~56M - 90M (in theory, my items aren’t perfect so this isnt quite acurate) (this excludes weaken and is before bleed damage is applied)

Movement speed- +10% Zealous talent, +10% Frenzy talent and +30% legend affix on head +25% zealorty set.
Survival- +75% Block, +74.5% dodge. 0.25 * 0.255 = 6.375% chance to be hit. & Sanctuary mythic.
Item drops- hireling gives 280%, main character has 200%, totalling 480%, split is 240%… only 10% below cap for our main character.
Gold find~650%
Luck~950% (not far off 1012.5% cap)
Pickup radius- +10 eternal head, +5 MH, +5 fortunate perk, +3 base/default

Some notes: personally i dont care for nadroji or experience, and yes i have an eternalized helm instead of crystalline this is because im poor and cannot buy this yet haha. To get block on chest you need to find and ‘indra’s boon’ with the crystal block affix already added. Pathfinder can only be rolled by amythest on a rogue or found already on legends

Natures are all ‘of luck’
If you are going to copy this, have the crystal luck on the armour by purchasing ‘hide of the faun’ repeatedly from codex/legendex until you find one with crystal affix of ‘+luck%’. The rest just copy as you wish.


Interesting :slight_smile:

Looks like a really nice build.

Cool build for farming and its interesting you do a little bit of arena with it, but if it gets lots of chests, it does the job well enough. Well built.