Warrior Farming Build help

Hey Folks,

So since i came back around 3 weeks ago i focus my Time farming gold to stack crystal and mythstone with a farming build. So here is my result :
i am playing on normal map EP5 196+
I have 650/650/130 on both main and hireling (rogue)

Since im a bit bored of doing only the same thing i willing to break all my crystal to craft me something better

Here is my set and my storage :

So my goal is now to be able to farm in a different way : it could be in EP5 but higher floor or EP8 on same floor (196+) dont rly know what is the best

I think with my actual Crystal i can build 1 or 2 better item,
I also have an eternal harmony hammer, but dont know if i have to convert it it use it…

I kinda like the axe and totem combo i feel i have a nice synergy with my rogue hire since i play with scattershot

So yeah, what do you think bros ?

Oh and yeah there is no need to link me the fortune bringer build, ils way out of my capacity for now, and i dont want to mimick any build.

For my Warrior Farm Build I use the Sprint/Torrent combo with Taunt. I mix that up with Hammer for Earthshatter or Axe for Whirlwind. Both give really good results.