[Warrior]hi guys please help me

Please my warrior i got bleed every second i dont understand how to fix my hp not bleeding anymore.
Sorry bad english ,i from indonesia

Check your warrior sets for the set below. This is what I think you are experiencing but I could be wrong. If it is equipped, change the gear with something else.

–> Periksa set prajurit Anda untuk set di bawah ini. Inilah yang saya pikir Anda alami tapi saya bisa saja salah. Jika sudah dilengkapi, ganti gigi dengan yang lain.


LMAO! @Mr_Scooty :laughing: did you see that? :eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This dude got 14B gold and didn’t even know what’s the cause of his draining HP. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: not mentioning he’s got no Ascensions.


These old eyes didn’t see the B at the end of the gold. I thought it was actually 14.3858 and moved on past it. Yes, that is quite comical. Good eye BTW. My new eye contacts make it difficult for me to see things close up at the moment. I am near sighted but the strength of my lenses makes it very difficult to read or see detail up close.


Hahaha you gutta grab some new lens! :sweat_smile:

i did not make max my gold yet but i think the max gold is around 2.1b+ only someone post it here in the forum i cant remember who it is :heart_eyes: but thats 14b+

Meanwhile I’m short sighted/myopia meaning I can read but not see very well at far distance . Lucky me. In all seriousness though, I got short sighted because of highest brightness Samsung galaxy tablet when I was 14 as a Christmas present at night and that’s when it happened. Silly mistakes can cost you sometimes. I only realised how it happened right after I felt the impact of the mistakes.

Good luck getting better reading glasses/lens for them :thumbsup: .

Right now I only got 31M gold xD and I’m very proud of it hahahaha


How is that possible …warrior and wizard at the same screen

Get a hireling from the menu…

In getting a hireling you have to buy a slot.

This guys haha :joy: Time to report .

Hahaa xD I think I saw this mod version lots of times now lmao my friend downloaded a moded version like this so he could catch up to me xD ( he was the one to introduce me in this game and he stopped playing 3 yrs ago) now he badly wants to catch up to me xD