Warrior Hireling 3000 floor - Zero Life Regen Boss

I dont speak english. Im searching for a non especulative Warrior Hireling. My main will Clear and reduces all life to near zero. The mission of Hireling is: Kill Purple Bosses until level 3000. The Hireling will not use crushing blow and not Frozen set, because it isnt his path. Idea is a nub or whatever for everything, but specialist on kill “near zero and life regen” bosses! Thanks!!!

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Crushing flames sets and bonus. Momentum and add some move spd. And increase ur crushing blow as well. Follow that and you can craft a unli floor build.:joy::ok_hand:

Adventurer, momentum ,x3crushing flames.

He already said he doesnt want to use crushing blow…
So basically what your asking for is a cheep build that can deal 1000 Billion damage per second. Because your refusing to accept burst into your build…

No can do buddy, that is 100% impossible.

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I dont want a cheep… May be expensive. I only want a Warrior build, high levels, that kill alone a boss with zero life, region where Crushing blow is useless… Dont need be a map clean, the question is: how is the best build that can kill a gg boss like purple eg. With regen… Crushing Flames at near zero life do something? If not, i remove this from my hireling, and use crushing flames on main char. Idea is: 6 set skills that combine and do the higher damage (7 is epiphany), the six set skills combinate with ? Other slots? All of them for ZERO LIFE, region where crushing is useless…

Crushing Blow lowers enemies HP by 10% of their current HP.
Crushing Flames (8) increases damage of CB by +400%.
so if a monster has 1 million HP, and my first hit is with Crushing Flames, monster now has 500,000 HP.
if I hit it enough times before Immolation runs out with Crushing Flames:

as you can see, even Crushing Flames (8) can’t kill the monster alone. that is what the other damage is for. but when monsters have Billions, Trillions, Quadrillion or higher HP, that is what Crushing Flames is for. when you get the HP down to the 250,000 HP (or the 25% of total HP), Sets like Demonic start doubling damage from other sources to get the HP down even faster, hopefully before the monster becomes immune to Immolate.

because Crushing Flames needs Immolate to work, adding 2x Blistering or more, and 2x or more +50% Bleed Damage, maybe 2x 100% Fire Damage, so when Crushing Flames lowers the HP enough, the Fire DoT and Bleed DoT can take it out with help from normal Weapon Damage.

@Alanderson I can see you are thinking about this a lot and coming up with some good ideas. maybe have 1 character with the Crushing Flames Build, and the other with a Shock Element Build to take advantage of the extra damage you get with stacks of Shock Debuff. Rogue has the Electrocution Set Items (4 of them) that can increase the Shock Debuff from +50% damage to 100% damage, depending on how many extra sets you want. even if you just use Electrocution Set, it world similarly to Demonic Set, except it only works with Shock Element. just Jasper the Set item to the Class you want to put it on non Rogue Class. I think the Electrocution Set can be rolled with Amethyst by any class, as I have rolled it on my items when using Wizard, even though it is only found on Rogue items.

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Yes, Jasper on Electrocution works. Is an good way. And i added: brutality, high voltage, frostbitting, demonic… All of them focused on dmg dealt… Thank you all guys!!! I really believe life regen pve is overpower.


The crushing blow or crushing flames is really hard to craft buddy. You need a high crushing dmg with a high normal dmg coz dont forget crushing blow is only a chance it didnt cast always. And yes. Crushing blow is useless if your dmg is 300k or less. So you need to partner it to high normal dmg. Got me? Unless if you have a frozen set with ice element oh.:sweat_smile:

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at higher floors, you probably need higher Crushing Blow % to get it more often with high frequency or many multiple attacks, while you still have Immolate, because when immolate is gone, no Crushing Flames to lower the enemy HP.

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As for me. Im using orb reactor or storm. And as of my warrior im using sprint and storm.

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