Warrior - Itching Skin

Good day. Since I am really new to this game (about a month) and just started to play battle arena like 2 days ago, Im not really sure if this gonna be helpful. But maybe this can help newbies like me to get the insight to compare several different build from this forum for their own best build. And I also not sure because this lacking build of mine really sucks in campaign because I have tested it on floor 503 might 3 cartomap and it took like 20 minutes to kill everything). But for battle arena 1v1, I jumped from common to mythic in 1 day and for 2v2 i just let loose this champ as AI while let my rogue stay afk which without even controlling anything, common to mythic in several hours while doing other things. So thats why I said maybe it will be helpful to newbies. I also asking for advises from pros as maybe theres anything I can change to make it better. And if moderator see this as not helping, Im ok for this post be deleted.

This build has a good defense but very average offense.

The stat looks like:

And this for gears:

Someone teach me how to take screenshot with all gear description in one image please. Seems cant find how.

For skills:

MH - Battle mage - Whirlwind and Charge
OH - Totem - Fear and Scalp

Stats explanation:

Urmmm… This gonna be long. So if someone need explanation on gears and how it affect stats, I will edit this again later. Some people already know how and what going on with this build with just the images I posted.

Also I need to try this build effectiveness on Eternal Tier too, so will update it again later.

Play style:

1 - Need to get as close as possible with Charge.
2 - Then use Scalp > Fear.
3 - Charge again for Whirlwind.
4 - You can charge toward literally anything except the Green Garden (Toxic - Poison Cloud), So just be careful with that. Once the host got feared, it considered done.
Normally will killed unless its a good defense warrior or someone with sanctuary or that hackers with weird Eternal equips stats. But you can keep doing this non stop because the fear help very much. This build actually made to counter those freakin one shot bow rogue lol. I hate that build XD.


I am very open to any suggestions and advises, and also for harsh comment about how ineffective this build are. I need the criticism for this as Im new, so not much that I know about this game and other better build. And also for any missing information, kindly suggest me what to put here because I dont have idea what to type.

Thank you.

Lol… Im not use Lohko for defend, normally use it for pvping. but last pvp i will change it set to rogue dagger, so ppl will go againt rogue dagger (aphrodite) and not rogue bow (Lohko)

Still there is some other ppl use that build lol.

Urmm… idk neither lohko nor aphrodite sir. It just there are many people can one shot me before this, not even letting me do anything. For noobie tier like me, normally dagger does not bring problem as AI is stupid enough to use Stealth regularly to avoid fear. But you reply shows that on higher tier, it seems that dagger rogue will be much more problematic. I will keep that in mind and thanks for your insight kind sir.

oh dont worry that rogue dagger are weak. just put there so ppl can kill it easily.

@cronos4321 Yet you’re the only one that ends my streak, oh btw, some more people in eternal are using your lohko, faced some earlier today.

@gDemon for the images thing, I’m pretty sure people only cropped and edited the images together to upload it as a single image.


ik. i think current (last time i check) 1st 2nd and 3rd rank for rating using lohko. lol.