Warrior PVP Build: Master of Evasion 2.0 Build

I tested your character, but this wizard takes nothing of life and kills you in 1s

clogon if you walk around here you could make your character a guide

@Aniel As i have mentioned in the guide there are certain builds that’s strong against mine. Clogon’s timemage is one of them. Dont feel bad man, Your not alone. His build is ridiculously strong at the moment. It is beatable tho, now it’s up to you to figure out how.

can you add hero skills?

Nice build i copy all but i cant get to división 1 . Sorry for my english.

Hey man, sad to hear you didn’t get the result you were expecting. I have to admit the title of the build might have caused readers to think that this build still work with the most recent patch.

This build was designed when there were a lot of lohko builds couple of months back. With the recent patch and huge pool of new affixes and balancing this build became inferior compared to the ones being used now.

Again I apologize for causing confusion

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No problem , can you share a new build for warrior pvp please ? Im a big fan of warriors . I see in arena alot of warrior with cerebral vortex affix , i made one but my dmg is low and i die alot

Sorry for my bad english

Just wanted to share my build. As of now my set is still incomplete, in pvp i use my axe that i changed the skill to twister. Ive made it to eternal league but due to lack of my set, i cant make it to number 1 atm haha. What i do is use sprint 1st then twister then sprint back, the ai will chase me and if it does it will step on my sprint then it dies. If my opponent is wizard or rouge, i just do the same process. But if they dont follow, ill wait for them to run out of mana or if sometimes they use blood magic, ill wait for it to have low hp then attack them. Its harder to explain here hehe. As of now my twisters damage is 1.36m and sprint is 6.5m plus. But as i said, my set is not yet finished so sometimes i die because of poor hp and resist.


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Your warrior defeat me in v2.4 haha really strong fooke

how to find defiant?
I farm in 3k floor but still not get defiant set

How did u get those “IMMUNE”?

back when this Build was first made, you could only get those immunes by getting the items they are on. you can get them by using Ruby now. not sure if it is all of them or most of them.

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Welcome @emirsalmansarip . Have fun with DQ.