Warrior - questions

Hi there,

So i recently started playing DQ, and so far, so good.

I’ve been looking for specific guides for warrior on reddit and here, and I couldn’t seem to find any…

Why is the warrior class so unpopular? Wizard & Rogue seems like the only relevant classes.

Thanks you in advance for answering :>

(Also waiting for your answer @Griffin012 :3 )

Warrior is actually quite popular the main reason warriors don’t have that many guides however is because the community members that are actually busy creating guides don’t like them as much but I am currently working on a series of video guides on warrior if that helps fill the void :smile:

Thank you sir, that was an insanely fast reply.

I’ll make sure to check your series :wink:

I am the speedy reply master :wink:

After watching the first 30 minutes, may i suggest you keep the main tips in the description?

I’ll be very helpful, and a lot easier to follow, since the videos are quite long.

Thank you very much, they are very informative! (Don’t forget your main audience are new players :blush:)

Then I might as well do a normal forum guide and the reason the videos exist is because people complained that they wanted videos =P Probably won’t mention anything in the descriptions because I honestly have no clue what I would write down there that would be easily accessible and useful but I will put links to useful forum posts in them! :smile:

Sounds great Griffin, thank you and have a great weekend mate! :smile:

I shall and same to you! :smile: