Wasted purchase

I rerolled three or four items and gained one level twice… They have seeded the re-roll function so as to take your gold even quicker… I would spend my money and have spent my money on this game but I know probability and what I got for my $20 was bogus… Never again… Ohh and I still couldn’t even buy a second slot

" They have seeded the re-roll function so as to take your gold even quicker" I promise you this is not the case, but it is totally random, which means it could fail every single time if you’re unlucky. :frowning:

We’re actively trying to find the issue with slot purchases, do you mind sharing your phones model and OS version? Thanks so much!

Playing on my nexus 7 tablet…so your telling me that the formula is legit? The old way was based on highest lvl achieved this isn’t its based on your current lvl… In a range of 35 I rolled an improve of 1 twice and then settled on an 8… I ask the statisticians out there what are the odds… We won’t even talk about adding enchants… The posted percentage might as well be the percentage chance you have of it not failing

I cannot narrow down the cause of the slot issue. I have tried it on 8 devices that I have and each of them allow me to connect to google play and complete the purchase without a problem.

I even tried creating new test accounts and still cannot get this issue to happen.

Reroll is just a randomized number between your items starting item level and the highest floor you’ve been too, it’s all random and no weight to disadvantage players is put in, that’d be silly. We’ve thought about making it give you at least one level per try, but the chances of getting the same level over and over is pretty slim, especially when there’s a large range.

If this was a legendary you were re-rolling, I can see the possibility of us adding an additional chance to succeed there, especially with the inflated price. In the meantime, if you contact support@shinyboxgames.com, we’ll see if we can’t hook you up so can give it enough shot.

For enchant, the shown number is indeed the chance it has to fail ( remove an enchant ) but there’s that same chance to fizzle ( do nothing ) on top of it, which isn’t shown.

When you email support@shinyboxgames.com please do so from your google account (the one your purchased the item from) or send us your google order number.

I think item enchanting need to drop prices…
And Legendary items need make harder to find.

I have almost full one backpack with red and orange items, but enchanting have too high price. And rerolls do not every time sucess.
Treroll stats and level for RED sword price is 200k, but for orange only 16k. Level reroll is 5-28 … And it does not sucess 100% to max lvl

We are looking at the enchanting prices and mechanic internally. The feedback is great thank you very much!

We had not really talked about reducing the drop rate of the legendary or epic items, just out of curiosity what level is your character and what floor are you on?