WDQ super division 1


On the red corner Griffin the wizard
On the blue corner SJJDKK the rouge

At the end of the day

Who will win the top spot…
The number one rank…
Tune in and wait.



SJJDKK for the first shot.


And here comes GRIFFIN

can SJJDKK back up?


GRIFFIN is making a huge lead!
Straight to the feels of SJJDKK


GRIFFIN is gaining very fast, he’s close to 2.5k.
Can somebody stop him?


What even…

… fizz.


AAANNNDDDD… thats it fans FJJDKK has given up. Huzzzaahhh!!!


:trophy: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :green_heart:


@Badass @Griffin012 dfq my cp cant candle it 3% left on battery i needed to charge - ishall return hha. lol dis is freakin funny


Stay tune fans, a rematch will happen later. Can SJJDKK get the title belt? Or GRIFFIN will still be undefeated.

Subcribe for more updates.


@Badass why dont u join in for more fun lel.

grffin is crazy lol.


My IGN is GNARZ im on the tp 5


I manage to get the top spot earlier this morning


@Badass yaa iknow you lol. the reactor warrior. despite u got low power stat u dish out pretty good dmg numbers :blush:


Hahaha… But still my build sucks, I cant even kill coung. XD


@Badass just think well of a build and what u are lacking why u lose to him. (once u know how to handle his ai it will makes ur life easier) haha.

you need least 2.4-2.5+ points to stil the top spot from grffin when his awake lol. u cant lose even 1 game to keep up.


Wow nice arena adiks ahahaha…


finally chase him from his 2.7k points (crazy)

my fingers hurt lol. though its quite rewarding
got 11eternal boxes 22 legend boxes and tons of epic boxes.

and way much xp lol.


Please let the announcer do the talking. XD


I wasn’t online tho so where was the chasing?