WDQ super division 1


Aaannnnnddd NOWWW!!!
The second rematch has started!
We thought that the title is his forever…

Here on the rebound, SJJDKK has come back!
The comeback is REAL!!
Finally SJJDKK has the title!

What will GRIFFIN do?
Stay tune for the next episode.

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I’d love too participate but I’m just taking my last parousal through the forums before I pass out so it’ll have too happen another time :smile:


Thats it folks, GRIFFIN has given up!..

Or is he?
Is it just a stategy? Or he’s telling the truth?

We dont know for sure, so stay tune for more updates.

This is your Host Fizz saying “press hard and keep the charger attach”

This event will last 24 hours


@Griffin012 nooffense this is just pure challenge. i was chasing ur freakin 2.7k+ points lol. ( ididnt know that it was possible to get that high point. i praise ur for ur great effort) (luckily ur point slowly drop after some matches).

@Badass lol ur hosting and thread is pretty fun. i hope this thread inspired more players to play have fun and challenge in pvp. im also done my fingers freakin tired already.
maybe well have new players that will be up for the challenge.



Griffin is gainning.
Few more points and the title is his for the taking.


Thank you for the appreciation roykikoy. :slight_smile:



There it is folks, GRIFFIN and SJJDKK is out of the picture.
New champion has the title!!

Wooohhh!! Yay! Yay!


the more you play the higher of chance to be at top :smiley:


Ayy lmao :laughing: . I like the idea of this thread lol. Keep em coming.


Update! Update! Update!

The new champion has been beaten!!
SJJDKK is back in the game with undeniable determination and a numbing thumb.

Stay tuned.


you’re good at hosting and those comment on each update :grin:


The reigning champion is amassing points now at 2.5k
Can the challenger GNARZ beat him? Or he will be overwhelmed by COUNG28?

With GRIFFIN retire, can someone stole the throne?

Stay tuned for more updates.


Thank you for the compliment. :slight_smile:


And there goes GNARS!!
The champion has a new challenger!
does he have a chance?

Lance and Blades

Tune in for more updates.


Haha nice post, just highlights how the top 6 are changing constantly, and possibly the need for a much better AI system :grinning:



@cronos4321 take the lead!!


Hello! Ola! Howdy!
Fellow questers the top spot had been invaded!
New envaders have landed the land of top spots!
Meet the new champion

With the new challenger CRONOC RAGE. Does he have a chance? Will he taste voctory?

Tune in to find out.


not really into it lol. i just test few prototype build and dont know i was in that spot…


@cronos4321 cuz ur prototypes are pretty good