WE ALL thought OF It now lets make it happen like this topic to get attention from devs

New Super Saiyan Aura​:angel::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::angel:

Red kai aura
Rainbow aura (looks good with ele wizard)
Rainbow eyes
Mech suits
Bozooka back
Flame halo
Tornado aura
Crown head (for king of et 1 most points end of week)
Hockey mask head
Pumpkin head
Dragon pet
Blood aura
Blood eyes
These are just some great ideas u have more post them my goal is to make some of these official


put some sample picture too :smiley:

For which idea

all the idea :smiley:

Ps. The dragon idea has been a long time topic but still not implemented xD

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Sorry but this will not be added :stuck_out_tongue: soo stop dreaming the first priority is new feature and content not cosmetic items
and most of all Bug fixes

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Party pooper just delete my post

We enjoy hearing feedback from you guys have for vanity items, please let us know what you’d like to see! :smile:

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@SteigerBox a new aura vanity at lvl40 would be great :smile:

bloodaura - same design with darkness aura but color dark red w/ bubbles around its sorrounding :blush:

and hallowen armor :wink: for november

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October bro

Mech suit

Super saiyain aura

Sweet aura! (no love for Rose Goku???)

We do have a few things in the pipe for this month. We will get some info out soon!!


I love the level of appreciation where is your company located would love to work for u guys

that mech was cool but it will be a time consume to create it :smiley:

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U want to see the rest?

:slight_smile: thanks achilles. We are β€œdeep in the heart of Texas”…its all hot and sweaty here!

Oh god texas let me get my designer cowboy hat and pistol pete boots thats a long ride from south caralina :sunglasses::joy::weary:

In my opinion why not

  1. Adding new hero i,e: Monk since its good for luring monster because of its brutality and toughness but lame on attacking.
  2. Nowadays we can bring along 1 partners during farming, why not in future we can bring along 2 partners i.e: Monk as tankers, warrior as fast short assasin and rogue long shooters or wizard with his/her spiritual powers.

Monthly class battle can be ??
Warrior vs rouge vs wizard all can be participate who class wins get a prize of obsidian to all who participate. This can be sir ??