Weapon advice 2.0

Hi anyone pro here can give advice what weapon mh & oh to use to improve my damage. Damage I see doing on m3 floor 196-200 are around less than 1m-20++m max. Is this normal? BTW, I put all points to strength and leave HP/mp at 5. I know I still need alot of affix to change but I’m always getting useless affix when using rubies and obsidian. :

@Jarz Wer did u get your mutiny? I mean what floor?

that munity, T,T why removing Legend Affix +%ED lol.

munity. just farm using wizard on floor 200 and use nadroji set affix. and farm~ u will get soon or later. no farm no gain.

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Thanks for mentioning that i need to use wizard… ive been farming for almost a month now… 8 hrs a day and keep getting legend / ethernal junks… haha… :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I think i know now how this farming works…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

@cronos4321 I didn’t know yet what to do during that time :confounded: it’s kinda junk now. But I switch to chakram now, my damage increases when I switch to chakram. I see hundred of millions of damage now. :smile: