Weapon combination

What’s the best weapon combo for a wizard?? Currently using gauntlet/skull…also what’s good for rogue weapon combo??

depending on what you will make for farming or pvp

I don’t do pvp

@Kush , welcome to DQ Forums.

there is no answer to your question. I’ve done a lot of combinations with Staff & Gauntlet with Orb & Skull, using many different combinations of Special Skills, Talents, Mythics, & Affixes, for Wizard. I only recently have considered Crafting some Wand & Sword Builds.

I like using Chakram (lots of damage in a few hits) & Bomb for Rogue, and like Flintlock (lots of range and APS/DPS) next.

if you do a Search :mag: on Builds, you will see that there are a lot of powerful combinations.

Thanks for the replies and warm welcome!! I kind of figured it would be more trial and error and come down to preference. I’m currently using gauntlet/tome for my wizard and doing a “minoin master” type build which seems to work really well. As for my rogue I’ve been changing back and forth between chakram and flint lock for main and I’ve noticed that the mirror works decently as an off-hand but I still find it somewhat lacking…any suggestions on a secondary for the rouge?? I noted that you mentioned bomb but I simply don’t care for the skills…trap is kinda iffy for me too. TIA

I have mostly been using Wizard with Elementalist Talents, and only 2 of the Archmage Talents. I like using Staff because of Comet, and like using Gauntlet because of damage. for OH I usually use Orb for Teleport with either Time Warp, Bomb, Stealth, Scalp, or Torrent. this is after lots of trial & error to discover my preferences. after I finish Ascending a Rogue & Warrior, I want to try out some Builds with Wand/Barrage, as I used to not really like Wand. same for Sword. I haven’t done many builds with Minions, but plan on doing some tests eventually, as most of my not liking Minions is from my Noob testing days. I have this cool idea to use Minions as homing missiles, but I haven’t really gotten past it just being an idea yet.

with Mirror, you need to use some of the Mirror Image Talents to really make it do well, and it looks like it works better with some Skills than others. Vial takes practice to use (haven’t really used it since my Noob days), I’ve only recently started to use Trap (my Wizard used Sentry Proc with Meteor for a few days. interesting combo), and I prefer Bomb because of Vault & Smoke Bomb (fast movement, and cause blindness/give auto Dodge against next attack). I really want to use Smokescreen Set to make a Smoke Bomb a ranged attack build.