Weapon glitch

Ok. So i got a new legend lance but at the time i use it why does it gave wizard attacks and skills ? So it literally just shoot magic comets and fall down meteors. This bug is making this weapon far to weak because warriors aren’t suppose to have wizard’s attacks

Spellsword set is changing your skills on mainhand to comet and meteor.

There is a lot more to this game than you understand. There are a few set affixes (green worded item powers) that grant skills from other classes, as well as “proc” affixes that will do the same but will randomly cast on attack or on being hit. As Msiiek said, you’ve got a Spellsword set affix on, which does what you’ve described, and it’s not a bug. You can make the fireballs and meteor stronger many ways, with +damage/%damage & +critical damage/chance affixes on gear which also can be elemental, by making all of your gear the same element, other set affixes that multiply and boost damage, upgrading max quality/level of the item itself then Re rolling it’s affix stats to maximum. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Read the items details by touching the item then touching it’s image and theres more info on everything about the item in a full screen pop up.

Mind blown? Wait! There’s so much more to this game than just that! Welcome to DQ.

Have a read through the guides section of this forum, if you like the game so far, there’s a ton to learn :wink:

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Thx but, now all of the weapons i use (in warrior class) are all wizard attacks. So now i changed my class to a wizard