Weapon Rarity? What to do now

Hi! What are the rarity of weapons for wizards? I saw some green weapons at lvl1 and they are rare I think because people are saying that he has luck on his side. I can’t grasp what are those weapons.

And I am at level 48 at dungeon 52, what do I do from here? Got 500k gold to spend. Thanks!

I am really into this game, and should I consider buying those Exp, drop rates etc x2’s?

Hi, for the x2 boosts, it’s for you to decide if you want it or no. See in game what you earn and judge by yourself if it is good enough for you. I suggest to get floor 200 before buy these. And your green item is an eternal item that is really rare and has +50% than the normal item. But for me, can’t upgrade is level to 100 (I have a 99…) the stones doesn’t work on them I think but it’s powerful when it’s a high level item.

Alright! Thanks man! But what should I do now at my level? Go to 200 ASAP with low level equipments right?

play on the floor on which you can kill mobs the fastest

Playing in a dungeon to farm exp right?

If your new, just rush floor 101 at difficulty where you can kill mobs easily, if you reach 101 start grinding there, try to increase your difficulty slowly,

Thanks man! Really appreciate the help! Cheers

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Rush to 200 with your stuff and buy common stuff in the shop (you have chances to earn legends and eternal too) and it will be easy