Weird huh?

Whoa is such a coincidence huh?
Well some people say “To know more about the truth you need to go onto the other side.” Now if someones gonna get hurt? Be it.


Someone named their characters after my IGN.

No one’s hurt but your post reflects your intention and desire to hurt. What exactly do you want to prove?

Nothing man, as i say it was just a coincidence, Now @NUIQUE have you ever watch or read “Death Note” ?

he idolize you dude

You are avoiding the very clear question and instead you choose to give ambiguous innuendoes. Your thread is obviously intended to breed hostility towards another player but you avoid direct confrontation.

One more question, what is the purpose of your thread?

did you post that Pet in the Report Cheaters Thread? better to let the Dev’s deal with RN5.