Welcome me in eternal league!



Congratulations :sunglasses:

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Thanks bro!!!

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Sir @Mr_Scooty is it good to use crystal affix 7500 armor in pvp? or not? because I used 2 reduce cd… I want to change it, what should I change it?

Armor or All Resist is good. But it still your final decision will be done.

but for you, if you are the one to choose…

I used 2 reduced CD crystal affix? I plan to change the other one… what is the best crystal affix for pvp to change it @marwinberna?

Armor or All Resist will be better than Reduced Cooldown. Or Luck/Gold Find if you had Faun’s Gift/Satyrs Spirit

I can’t go on DIV1… I’m still now in div 3… ang hirap ang lalakas nila… how can i kill them huhuhu :frowning:

welcome welcome enjoy eternal league

Congratz. You’ll find eternal league very challenging.

Eternal isn’t too bad until you get to or close to tier 1 where 4/5 are immortal builds forcing you to go mega hit attack setup ( basically being able to do enough damage to render healing and regen useless). Also I suspect that at least 2/5 at or near tier 1 arr using hacked items.

You find these people before tier one but there are enough of the other types for you to win against and progress…until tier 1

Awesome! Welcome.

Welcome welcome welcome!

Trial and Error. Until you face Immortals.