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How many hours do you play a Day?! :smiley: It took me much longer to get Lv. 99… But why did you start playing at about 11 February in order to get Lv. 93 at February the 17th (http://forums.dungeon-quest.com/t/wizard-dieter/421/1
) (and I guess Lv. 99 at 1-2 days later with that speed) So if everything is right you would have joined the forum 1 year before you actually began playing…



How many hours do you play a Day?! :smiley: It took me much longer to get Lv. 99… But why did you start playing at about 11 February in order to get Lv. 93 at February the 17th (http://forums.dungeon-quest.com/t/wizard-dieter/421/1
) (and I guess Lv. 99 at 1-2 days later with that speed) So if everything is right you would have joined the forum 1 year before you actually began playing…


On my profile you can see I joined the forum : Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:38 pm
That’s mean 2 days after I joined the game (I came here to see if people got some good builds for wizard)

The Thread was made the Feb 17, BUT!! this was about my “own stuff”, on which I spent hours and hours, so I started leveling long time ago, and played only to craft, not to leveling!

If I’m right, I spent 3 days to get lvl 90, the rest was only hours on rerolling/enchanting stuff :smile:
And I reached lvl 90-99 just by testing some builds, in “cool mode”, but yep it’s a little bit longer than the previous levels

As I explained on others threads, Level doesn’t mean anything, in this kind of game (hack n slash), everything is based on your stuff, so if i’m crafting my whole gear at level 30, I can be in the top 10 DPS, even if they are all level 99 :smile:


Thanks for the feedback/ideas! As a quick answer we are fixing the pricing in the next patch (or a short one right after)!

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Thank you for this game its awesome, i really miss option to change resolution as im using 1080p mediatek phone its really laggy so i have to change phone resolution every time when i want to play and its very annoying

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This game is one of the most entertaining I’ve ever played, free or otherwise, but one thing that truly sets it apart is the superb support! This is one sign of a committed, dedicated and exceptionally customer oriented development team. Kudos to all of you! :smiley:


Thanks very much for the kind words grox and lavieja!

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This game is great, and have great support and growing comunity! I like that you can play it offline, and the cloud save system. Just needs more social level or online mode. Like town or tavern or smth like that. Somewhere you can show off your char and items.:smile: And i would like to see more vanitys (i dont know thsis is the wright word), more mobs and cant wait to see rogue:-) No trailer or smth? :smile:


I’ve been so engrossed with this game for almost 3 months now! As a casual gamer I have nothing but praises for this game. Great gameplay, nice graphics and very active developers. Keep it up!

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Not sure if this is intended but after killing the final boss (one after wave 200) when asked if you want to return to main menu you press cancle. After that go back through the portal to fight the boss again without doing floor 200.

If this is intended perhaps adding an option to restart the fight.

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It is that way… no more floors, so if u wanna “avance” u’ll face again ignis


So pretty much this is the best way to find items or farm XP (at least for me).

There really needs to be a third option to restart the fight then.

  1. Upload and/or Download limit needs to be changed to 1-2 times per day at most. To easy to exploit it.
  2. I have noticed the dog can walk outside the normal ground. I think either the Imp should as well (because some items pop just outside his grab range) or he should have increased grab range.
  3. Rogue should have some sort of steal ability for a legendary item ability. Or a mug attack for a secondary.


Suggestions for D.Q

Suggestion 1: A Multiplayer function, Such as a function to allow another player to come and complete Acts with you.
Also a PvP function, like an arena of some sort.

Suggestion 2: More character skills, weapons, armor, specs, and classes.

Suggestion 3: More buy-able vanity items, also add more purchase-able vanity items.

Suggestion 4: More enchanting options.

and last but no least, Suggestion 5: this personally I’d like to see, More acts and levels to go through to keep the game fresh.

Thank you, for those who read this and like any of my suggestions. any feedback would be nice.


Thanks for stopping by the forums and leaving your feedback!

Suggestion 1: This is a very difficult feature for us to implement. Right now all of our resources are focused on finishing up the Rogue class as well as a few other game systems that will be released over the next few weeks.

Suggestion 2: The rogue character is on the way now!

Suggestion 3: More of these are on the way as well. Though they will be released after the Rogue patch.

Suggestion 4: Yes, this system is going to get a nice over haul soon!


Thanks for letting us know .I wanna know how in this earth can I get my 2nd char. Since I’m in the Philippines please let me know any suggestions?

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I can’t pay $ I don’t have credit. Card… more power. To you’re. Games and development…

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Seriously, add more in-game help. Also, I noticed you have a Guide button on the options menu which does absolutely nothing.

Please tell me what the more obscure enemy affixes mean.
Resist [element] - Explanatory
Thorns - Like Mana Shield, extremely annoying
Elementall - Can cast all elements.
Extra health/damage - Explanatory.

Pls tell me what the rest of the enemy affixes mean.

Very great game; got it 2 Mondays ago and already spent $2.08 to buy the two extra character lots. When you release the Rogue, pls add a new Character slot, ty.


Hi guys, i have tried numerous times trying to register my account online at DQ but have stumbled upon an issue.I can’t write down my email since pressing on all caps off does not change the letters and now the email i registered with is written down in all caps.How can i register my character in game if the game does not even let me put my email correctly in lower case.Any solution guys.Thanks


By the way admins i tried a couple of times registering with this email on the game server romeomondejarjr@gmail.com.The game only lets me write down my email and password in ALL CAPS. Hope you guys can get a fix on this.I even tried to check my email a number of times and i have’nt received a confirmation e-mail, too think that the game can only make write down email address in capital letters.i can send a screen cap if you need further info.


I’m playing on Iphone 4.
However, the game gets lag during the first 3 fire stage due to the fire effect on the ground.

Is there an option I can turn the effect down or lower?