What christmas boost treasures did we find peoples?

eternal stitch and legend lilith for me.


Dropped an eternal pet with 20 to earthshatter ( when levelled up ). Good on my warrior with doubled up earthshatter proc

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nice! and Geeeez @ObiWanKenobi thats a lotta salvaging youve done!

got my first ever eternal challenge map!!! super excited. and a lil scared to use it. lol


Lol don’t be a wuss… open the map :smiling_imp:


Thats funny, I said the same thing to myself. Then I ran it. Didnt drop anything much to speak of, a salvage eternal and a legend map. Still exciting tho! Im barely at the 260th floor so its all new to me.

Yeah eternal maps can be a real disappointment. Keep climbing floors and don’t be scared about increasing or decreasing difficulties. Aim for floor 1000

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wow damn so youve gone floor by floor over 1000 levels? thats mad dedication bro!!!

Only been playing 100 hours. You will get there. The more floors you climb then you find better stuff and so climbing becomes very easy

How to get eternal pets?

You kill lots of cartographers till you drop a legend cartographer. When you kill enough legend cartographer you find a mythic one. He drops the eternal pet. If you have accomplished perk it happens quicker


Salvaging eternals? You should probably convert them…

whos salvaging eternals?

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What is this heresay…