What do you think about my build guys? any tips?

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So you are trying to stack bleed dmg so i would recommend you using a Hatchet as offhand with
Balista or Living Force as set Affixes and a legendary weapon affix (Scorpion would be perfect)
becouse all %dmg ll be added to the offhand/mainhand base dmg.
Why you should use toss … it has a base bleed chance on hits based on how much heroic points spend into and long range which sadly makes your proc affixes useless then so i would exchange them with bleed dmg and ED%

At last improvment you should max out the item quality and reroll all stats to max (epic only since rerolling legendaries+ is quiet expensiv) and try to get the Raptured mythic + change your items element to posion like our mainhand weapon

I assume you have Crit dmg and chance on your pet, because you show 350% Crit Dmg and 60% chance but the affixes don’t add up and your pet isn’t shown here.
You’re using vampirism touch, a 1% HP leech and hp/hit affix, seems a bit overkill. Might try unsocketing the rune and seeing if the hp leeching is viable enough to use that socket/affix slot for some thing else. Maybe even reroll the hp/hit affix too.
All of your item natures are all across the map. Figure out what you’re low on and reroll the natures to suit.
Not a big fan of crushing blow, I believe it doesn’t work on elite monsters (bosses), which if you’re clearing the masses of normal monsters quickly then you don’t need it. Use the slot for something for useful.
You’re not doing anything to boost the proc damage, and as mentioned in the first reply the procs aren’t likely doing much if you’re throwing your weapon so maybe strip the procs for bleed dmg, elemental dmg, or other useful affixes.
Definitely max item quality on everything and maybe reroll the stats to get more on the crystal/legend affixes. For example, if you reroll Crit dmg from 171% to 225%, you could change the talent on the armor from sharpened to something more useful since you’ll still be capped on Crit dmg.

I would recommend your axe should have 100% wd from collected masochists axe or berserker. Also it have barbarian which is quite good. I think whirlwind is your main dmg right?
It will have crushing blow or so as usual too. Vampiric touch is both good at increase bleed dmg and healing 1% hp (both resource systems with harmony) and I don’t think it’s effected by on hit nerfs.

For horn, I recommend 100% fire ed from defiant insolance. You can get by jasper skull -> horn. Or you can get insolance hatchet. Defiant set affix key. It will still have attack speed if you want. Try getting a mythic like vanish or so.

For chest, get aether wrap with 100% ed in fire elements. Give it mythic ruptured because that is very good for bleed build. Momentum set affix is key. I think brutality will be good enough for bleed as a better version of ruptured combined with mythic. Use crit chance for rage.

Hat. Maybe get epiphany hat and turn it into warrior. It also has ed%. Give it harmony mythic because vampiric touch healing and thats good for both resource system. To activate epiphany bonus, simply put 4 haste, 15% attack speed from a pet or gear and 45% attack speed. As long as you got 70%, thats good. You don’t need epiphany set affix to activate the bonus anyways. I suggest replacing set affix with inferno for faster bleed dmg and fire dmg. Can put deadly strike. Talent I suggest is lacerate. It helps with vampiric touch.

Ring. Give it a resource system such as energy (fury if you spam primary skills such as sprint or so). That energy or fury will be healed easily with harmony + vampiric touch. If you have fury though, harmony won’t be needed. Talent: zealous for dmg and move speed easily. Keep crit dmg and rage.

Amulet. Definitely not eternal. Mythic you could use is either sanctuary or empyrean. Both are really good but if you survive easily and die very rarley at very high floors 750+, empyrean is much better choice. It is huge in dmg increase. Also crystal affix is dodge. Helps for pathfinder set affix as well as general avoidance. Put pathfinder for dmg increase. Try prayer talent to go well with harmony for energy. Or you try frenzy or so.

Pet: set affix up to you. If you do decide to put epiphany, use inferno pet or pathfinder or momentum. Make sure it has 15%+ attack speed for bonus and rest is up to you. If you don’t add epiphany, just use a random pet woth 15% attack speed. Bleed dmg is good bonus, 5k ed too, talents, etc.

Put at least 2Ă— 15% move speed (from ruby).
As many 100% blistering as you can fit.
50% Glasscannon x1
Hero points 20 on dexterity, 20 on whirlwind, 20 on sprint, 20 on special skill of offhand. Other 20, do what you please.
Maybe some smoke bomb procs for survivability.
Remove other procs.
1x elemental critical 30% (15% to start cheaply).
It’s up to you whether you need mh mythic or not but if you are looking for room for an affix, sometimes it’s best to remove mythic.
5k wd dmg. Up to you but 100% wd can compensate. You could also use hammer for more base dmg which affects it hugely.
If you also use oh for dmg, sprint for eg, 5k wd too.
299 power since mp and hp easy regen and if you survive very easily.
Goes without saying to get 4+ all sets.
If you have room still, use all talents by elixir or all skills.

As much modification I can suggest. However, alot of crystals will be used for it so you better get them easy by a stable farm build.

thx a lot guys… learned a lot… c.spike what do you mean by “definitely not eternal”?? on my amulet???
sorry forgot to upload my pet…
still collecting a large amount of crystal for upgrading… thats why all of them are at 0% item quality… im at floor 190…
again thx guys…

That means, definitely do not use eternals for your build. You can’t edit them much and they get rid of 1/6 or more of your full potential. The only things yoy can edit on eternals are class, nature, talent and elements. Nothiny else really.

3 fire ed% is more than enough, don’t really need much more but you can add more.
For ring and amulet, any is up to you but if you have enough slots, maybe add 1 or two more ed%. 3 ed% was already too good let alone 4 or more.

Also for mh special skill, thats up to you. You could use knightecharge or whirlwind or so. Just have a look at some whirlwind builds or knightscharge builds in the forums. @Msiiek knightscharge build is a good examole of a successful one. You can have huge fire/bleed dmg in pve while successfully using knightscharge well. Smokebomb procs will help alot too.

guys… is 25%. the highest item quality for crystal legends??? i upgrade my axe. but it only stops at 25% …is there anything that i can do make that quality to 100% quality???

+25% is max quality except eternals have +50%

125% IQ is max for everything except eternal which are always automatically 150%

Thats when you use dps formula. 25% becomes 125% in calculating because you increasing dps and 50% to 150% for the same reason.