What do you think about this item?

Found it on my roque… :frowning:

Nc loot bro. But i sugest to sell or convet it . its nice to save eternal item if lvl 100 . ull need that someday.

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Thanks man!
So Eternal things are good? But only, if ilvl is 100?

Yes definitely.lvl 100 . someday ull realize how important eternal item in pve and also in battle arena . creating combo builds.

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Do I have too much luck?

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Pretty awesome for an early eternal drop ur gonna need it when climbing floors 100-200

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But doesn’t fit so good in my characterbuild…

I have found an excellent weapon :slight_smile:

But I think I’ll have trouble with mythic 3 from floor 200 and up…

Dun worry ull get more powerful weapons as u go just keep farming ull get there

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Yeah eternal is better than mythical items

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Mythic items are generally better than Eternal Items due to the fact that you can change affixes whenever you want on them or be the same paper as the unchanged eternal.

Obviously it really matters when you compare all 6 mythics as gear.

But in a way, you’re right, Eternals are innately more powerful than mythic item despite lack of mythic. With the right eternal, you can get a good crystal affix along with the right affixes you planned for.

What’s even better is a Mythic Eternal from legends such as Fabled weapons (blade,chakram or staff) and unreal good. Sure you won’t get crystal affixes and it does take some luck as well as the fact that the set affix is mythical but you can get any kind of epic affix from Topaz and it can be a very powerful asset in PvP, especially since some epic affixes are about the same power as crystal affixes or close to it in PvP.

That eternal inferno legend is interesting to say the least. I remember when fire used to be really good and blinkstrikes was common so a great Eternal was obsidian daggers because of the doubled HP affix as well as the high fire damage even if no mythics.