What do you think of my farming gear :)

Put a lot of work into this random build, luck is 650% gold find is 620% and item find is 170% and can clear maps on Myhic 3 in minutes

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Pretty nice. Now you just need crystalline on your weapon so you find those crystal legends in bulk.

Nice build

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Keep it up :joy::joy::grin: Nice build

You could look into your nature so you can maximize your gold find as well :smile:
Nice build :smile:

Energy mythic is very nice on a bow build. You can have bonus dmg and won’t have a problem with maintaining your MP.

I think it’s better to use like crit chance or dodge rather than hp on hit. Because you have glasscanon and mostly need to avoid damage rather than getting HP.

Ambush is nice as well as a talent
Ensnaring as well or propulsion for stunning.

I actually re organised my heroic skill points and buffed up my fortune! Now have max 650/650/200 it’s a bliss lol and thank you, il tweak my natures some more :wink:

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