What does crushing flame do


It increases the crushing blow damage or rather, taking up enemies HP by a certain % when the enemy is immolated . It can make defeating enemies easier because crushing blow is far more potent at destroying enemies and higher tier enemies too.

Obviously you would need fire and elemental critical but crushing flames makes enemy defeating a lot easier, especially for farming .

I think crushing flames (5) increases the final damage of crushing blow by 250% when enemy immolated so crushing blow feels like it can do more than 2× crushing effectiveness on the enemies. It also has the effect of increasing immolation damage by 125% which means immolate elemental crit deals 125% extra damage.

That just means a number is multiplied by 2.25 or 125% . It doesn’t increase the 100% of the fire dot to more than 200% like I probably would have thought.

What really makes crushing flames so powerful is not only the more powerful crushing blow but more faster crushing blow when combined with Inferno (5) set affix so it triggers every 0.5 seconds instead of 1 second. Especially useful with double strike which can double the hit rates with a 25% chance and combined with high hit frequency skills that hit 10 times a second or so , such as orb, cosmic orb , high attack speed primary skills, spammable secondary skills that generally hit a bit like Twister and anything that hits hard often.


Wow…thanks for the info

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Basically you can reach very high floors using it